Affordable Cesspool Services Glen Cove.

Has your cesspool or septic system been cleaned in the last two to three years? Depending on the number of people living at your house, you may be due for pumping and maintenance of your tank. Doing so in a proactive and timely manner can dramatically increase the life of your cesspool or septic system, minimizing the risk of buildup or clogs in your drainage area.


At Affordable Cesspool, we have provided full-service commercial and residential septic maintenance and pumping services for many years. We have an extensive fleet of tanker trucks, with capacities ranging from 2,500 to 8,000 gallons. In most instances, we can arrange for same day emergency pumping. We are available to service your system seven days a week.

Comprehensive Residential Cesspool & Septic Services in Sands Point, NY

Comprehensive Residential Cesspool & Septic Services in Sands Point. We take care of all issues related to a residential or commercial septic system, from pumping to high pressure sewer jetting to all manner of repairs. We also offer the full spectrum of services related to the repair of a cesspool or septic system.

We Will:
• Help you locate your tank and determine access, using fiber-optics or electronic location devices, if necessary
• Conduct an 8 point septic check to diagnose potential problems
• Obtain all necessary permits for installation or repair of a septic tank or system
• Verify that all toilets run unimpeded into the septic tank

Cesspool & Septic Tank Installation Sands Point, NY

Affordable Cesspool Service Septic system installation and Repair division is prepared to give you a fresh start. Providing Free Estimates for any Cesspool repair, cesspool replacement, septic tank repair, septic tank replacement, pipe repair, cesspool cover raise or cesspool cover replacement Affordable Cesspool Company is your go to! We have a team of trained and certified professionals eager to take on any job big or small, and resolve your on going cesspool sewer drain and grease trap pumping issues once and for all! Take a look at some previous work below…

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services Glen Cove, NY

Affordable Sewer and Drain cleaning services of Sands Point, NY experts can resolve toilet clogs, sewer clogs or any type of drain clog issue. Affordable Sewer and Drain cleaning services of Sands Point, NY unclogs pipes using the forefront of drain cleaning technology. Sewer pipe video inspections, sewer jet services, roto-rooter services, clogged toilets cleared, clogged floor drains, broken pipes repaired, pipe leaks and more can all be used or resolved by calling our Sands Point, NY expert drain cleaning team for emergency services and preventative maintenance pipe cleaning. Call us today for more information on how to keep your drains flowing!
*We offer great comprehensive commercial pipe cleaning services, Grease clogs and septic clogs no longer an issue with a whooping 4,000 PSI preventative Sewer Jet service followed by before and after video inspection!!!

Cesspool Septic Tank Certification Sands Point, NY

We provide cesspool certification (with or without dye test) for your real estate closing. If the lender or bank requires video camera inspection, we can supply this to the lender or bank as well.

Affordable Deals With:

• Homeowners
• Contractors
• Engineers
• Commercial Buildings
• Property Owners
• Property Managers
• Environmental Consultants
• Municipalities
• Laboratories
• Shopping Centers
• Apartment Complexes